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In summary;

  • you get nowhere by just wishing

  • we all should feel safe and respected in our bodies

  • physical activity equals life satisfaction

  • many reasons to do physical activity

  • keep fresh not stale

Now for the waffly version:

I am predominately all about the benefits of physical activity and how it can help with living a full and engaged life.

I have been in health for a long time and have opinions on lots of different issues. Hopefully the blog will reflect that.

I have been involved with people's health and lifestyle for many years now and feel for my own benefit that I need to promote a more nurturing and compassionate approach to the care of our self, our families, our friends  and our communities. For me I want to live with the hope that life can be still be good as I age and this blog I hope is free of judgement about ageing.

There is an abundance of rules about how we should live, what we should do and when we should do it. As a community we are continually in a flux of seeking and trying the latest fad, super food and exercise while our mood alternates between defiance and obedience. Our bodies get confused as we start stuff and then loose interest because what we are trying does not reflect our individual values,  the way we want to live our life, the time we have and the money we have.

Life is too important and short for our energy, time and money to be used up to supposedly better ourselves and our body because we generally don’t feel we measure up.

Our energy, time and money should be spent where we get the “best bang for the buck” and where we can start to be measured by the person we are and not what we look like.

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What does this mean?


I don’t make a judgement or comment on your health by looking at your weight, your size or your shape. I do not use scales or tape measures.

I accept our bodies are amazing and resilient and with a certain level of physical activity our lives can become easier and more comfortable.

I work with you in a safe place to tease out: 

  • how physical activity can give you a satisfying relationship with your body
  • how physical activity can provide a nurturing experience 
  • how your needs can be met by physical activity 

Find out more about how I work at my Approach.


Here is a video featuring a hero of mine, Dr Rick Kausman, speaking about the weight inclusive approach.